Kate loves makeup.

As a wee lass of 6 I loved when my parents bought me Tinkerbell makeup. I don't remember much about the red lipstick except it tended to melt when I left in the car. My 2nd favorite thing was makeup my mother either handed down to me, or I secreted out from her drawer. I have worked at a cosmetics counter, but much prefer the brush apron to a cosmetics smock and sales. I am fortunate to have worked with various designers, fellow makeup artists, hair stylists, photographers, filmmakers, and models around the Twin Cities over the past eight years. 

I love makeup artistry for its ability to transform and enhance beauty; but I also love the relationship it creates between me and my client. I work to ensure we are creating a look that you're comfortable with and resolves any  concerns you have. My main goal is to make you feel confident and comfortable in your own skin. Makeup isn't a mask, but a tool. Makeup can tell a story by evoking a time. What story do you want to tell?